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Audrey in Oz

Audrey in Unst has been in my queue for quite a long time and finally I’ve knitted it!


I don’t usually mix colors, unless it is requested by the pattern – like in fair isle for example – but I wanted to give this combo a try. I had a skein of Traveller marked as Oddity (which I bought from a fellow ravelrer) that matched perfectly a skein I got in a Pound of ¬†Traveller bag so I wanted to use them together. Since they are a sort of “one off ” skeins I had to mix them with some other color. Stranger’s Home, a beautiful blurple, fit the bill. I had another couple of skeins that I could have used, but the contrast wasn’t enough. I’m definitely happy with how this cardigan turned out.

The back...
The back…

The pattern, by Gudrun Johnston, is flawless and very easy to follow. I really like the sleeves’ construction and the fit is perfect. The twisted ribbing has been a little boring, but it is worth every single yawn: I find it very elegant and add a nice finish to the garment. I had to do some modifications as I didn’t have as much yarn as required, so I slightly shortened the bust and the sleeves too. I just have a bit of blurple left which I might use for another project.

Lace bib
Lace bib

So, thumbs up for Audrey!

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