Little things make me happy

I have a confession to make: a want to sew a quilt! Yes, you know, that kind of blanket which has an old fashioned patchwork as top layer. To be specific, the patchwork is joined to other two layers of material: a woven back and a middle layer of batting or wadding. All three are sewn together using the technique of  quilting.

Birch fluoro pins
Birch fluoro pins

Anyway, that’s it, I want to make a quilt and today I was wandering around in search of  some basic tools to get me started when I casually found a little treasure. As soon as I’ve seen this little box, I knew it would have been coming home with me. I can’t resist pins and these are super cute: little tiny bows, buttons and flowers in fluoro yellow, green and orange! These pins are specifically for quilting, but I’m sure they’ll be fine for blocking my knitting too :)

Little bows!
Little bows!

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