On accuracy

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I spent mine finishing a beautiful sweater – photos soon – and starting my first quilt! Yes, my first quilt!

The pattern I’ve chosen is pretty and simple, perfect for a beginner like myself. It’s L7 by Me and my Sister Designs from Craftsy and is a replica of the famous houndstooth motif. Once finished, this quilt is going to Italy, in my bedroom, and that’s why I’m using different prints in orange, red and pink – in order to match the decor and furnishings.

So, the first thing I can tell you about quilting is: you need to be accurate and precise as much as you can!

First of all, your fabrics need to be cut in the recommended sizes  – in my case rectangles – and the sides have to be even and parallel. No room for crooked shapes.

Secondly, every seam allowance has to be exactly the same: 1/4″, no more, no less. I did my best and I’m pretty happy with my consistency. I think I’ve more problems with the cutting part.

Thirdly, when you join the different pieces together, you need to match the seams – basically like in a dress! But I’m not too much worried about this aspect because I’m using prints and I can hide a bit the imperfections and cheat :)

Here are few examples of what I mean when I say “accuracy”:

1- a badly cut and not matching rectangle,


2- pretty decent 1/4″ seams,


3- a nice matching seam.


This is my first impression about quilting, let’s what happens next!

5 thoughts on “On accuracy

  1. I could’ve used this accuracy post a couple months ago when I taught myself how to quilt!!!
    I will soon post ,on my blog, pictures of my first handquilted lap quilt, and oh my goodness did I do it all weird!! lol
    still came ok nice and my boyfriend loves it, but i took a handquilting class and learned that I improvised A LOT when i taught myself!
    but thanks to posts like yours and classes at my local quilt shop, I’m learning to quilt THE RIGHT WAY! :)

    thanks again for a helpful post!

  2. Hi Ray, nice to meet you! This is my very first quilt too and i can’t wait to see it finished! Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you come back! :)

  3. I’ve heard it argued that more important than accuracy is consistency. Your quarter inch seam might not be exactly a quarter inch, but if you sew it consistently the same size every time, your quilt will turn out in the end. As for cutting, you might consider using painter’s tape to mark your ruler where you want to cut. It could help with your accuracy. (Voice of experience talking. LOL)

    1. Your suggestion about marking the rules is great, I’ll give it a try for sure! Thank you Sarah for your idea, experience is always a good teacher and therefore welcome! :)

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