Quilting in progress

Here in Mackay has been a lovely sunny week end and I enjoyed myself stitching together the pieces of my quilt and jogging!

I learnt few other tricks about quilting and of course I want to share them with you. I don’t have any book about quilting and neither I’m following a course so the best I can do to improve my skills is reading what good quilters have to say in their blogs – I’m not a YouTube person at all. And I have to thank all those lovely people whom spend their precious time to post very helpful how-to tutorials.

A very basic trick – which was unknown to me – is chain piecing. Basically, once you’ve finished sewing the first couple of rectangles together, you don’t stop (cutting the thread) but you feed the next couple under the presser foot and keep sewing. You stop just when all your couples have been sewn together. Then you clip the thread in between the blocks. Chain piecing saves time and heaps of thread too and helps to keep the blocks in the right order, which is always nice!



What else? Ironing. Or I should better say pressing. It’s very important to press the seams – open or on one side, up to you – with an up and down motion, without moving  the iron across the fabric. In fact, ironing will very likely distort and stretch your perfect piecing, and we don’t want that! I tried to do my best, but I got some stretched pieces here and there – oh wow, next time I’ll do better.

So, the front of my quilt is nearly finished, but I call it a day and have a rest.


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