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Ta-daaaa! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you my Grettir – finished and finally photographed!


I can say with confidence that this one is my favorite pullover ever. I love it. I love the yarn and the beautiful colors. I love the pattern and its icelandic yoke motif. I love the rolled crewneck. I love the fit. I love the look. I just wish there weren’t 25 C so I could actually wear it, but I’m not here to complain about this awful tropical winter! :)


For the size, I casted on 204 sts, somewhere in between a size 40 and 44″ and for the underarms I left on hold just 16 sts, that way I got the right number of stitches to follow a size 44″ yoke. I was worried to cast on too many stitches as 204 is usually my perfect number, but if I’m going to knit Grettir again – and I’m sure I will -, I’d try to start straight away with the  size 44″ to get a looser and super comfy fit.


I’m very happy with Jared Flood’s pattern and I’m already thinking about a blue-green  man version to gift to my dad, I’m sure I’d love it!


4 thoughts on “Grettir

  1. Wow, I would pay for that!! :) I knit on a loom and that’s as much “knitting ” I can do! Lol I can appreciate such beautiful pullover and all that HARDWORK ! Way to go! I’m happy for you :)

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