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Finally the 2013 Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL has begun! I couldn’t wait any longer and I was so happy when, once finished to set up the tent in Cooktown, I turned on the computer to check my emails and there it was, the update for the pattern! Oh yeah!

Can you see what's on the table? :)
Can you see what’s on the table? :)
In this first clue we are knitting with just two of the three yarn we need, color A and B. I’m using Skinny Bugga! by CY of course and my color A is my favorite color ever, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, a wonderful mix of pinks, oranges, reds and purples which I’ve already used in the Traveller weight for the Grettir jumper. I seriously love this color: reds have been a favorite of mine in my youngest knitting period, then I switched for purples and after them for pinks (at the moment I’m in a very pink period and everything should be pink!) so Lion’s Mane is a color which represent me very much well. Anyway, back on track with the KAL. My color B is Skinny Bugga! in Moon Jelly, a lovely and subtle mix of gray, mauve and musk. It’s a great neutral color and  it goes and match perfectly with a myriad of other colors – so I might need to buy more, just in case, ahahah! I really like my colors A and B and together are extremely nice and I can’t wait to see how the third color is involved in the creation of this shawl.
The shape of the shawl is pretty singular, a very steep triangle which I imagine will be the back middle section and from which longest sides two wings will appear, but who know what’s going to happen? With a Stephen West Mystery pattern you never know! :)

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