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As you might have read in my latest posts, I’ve been on holiday up to the Northernmost point of mainland Australia, Cape York. It has been an awesome trip: the Cape York Peninsula is a truly amazing bit of this country, full of hidden treasures along rough tracks – gorges, fresh water falls, river crossings, stunning beaches, great camping spots and of course strange and sometimes dangerous animals.

After all the corrugations and all the hard driving, Owen and I thought to spend few days in Port Douglas, a very relaxing town just minutes north of Cairns. And guess what? We’ve been to the reef, The Great Barrier Reef! Dudes, it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The Reef has stolen my heart. We went on a guided tour and the marine biologist on the boat explained everything about the corals and the fishes and the problems the reef is involved in and I think all his words helped us to understand and appreciate that place even better.
Anyway…Queensland! This is the subject of my post today and QLD is the name of one of the 12 gorgeous colors dyed in Traveller by Cephalopod Yarns during the month of October to celebrate Halloween. I got already 2 skeins bought few months ago and other 3 were waiting for me at home once I got back from my holidays. I got them from a fellow ravelrer and they match mine perfectly. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the equivalent color – Leafy Seadragon – in Skinny Bugga too because I really like it! It’s a lovely mix of blues, purples and light teals which represent perfectly the ocean and the coral reefs, isn’t it?

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