On discovery.

Now, someone can please tell me why I didn’t know about Design Seeds? I mean, I spend hours and hours on the Internet every bloody day and I’ve never came along with this awesome website before. This is completely stupid. Shame on me. Design Seeds is stuffed with wonderful photos from which Jessica creates even more wonderful color palettes.

Since I’ve open the home page, just a couple of hours ago, I’ve already saved dozens of images and I’m surprised by my new inclination for liking the green colors. I usually go for reds, pinks, purple and blues but the beautiful Design Seeds’ color combinations inspire me to choose different colors. Here there are just a few of my favorites. I want a sweater out of every single palette and I feel damn ready to go for these “out of my comfort zone” colors that I can’t wait to cast on!
First pic: I love, love, love, this acid green with a splash of magenta.

I don’t like browns! But this chamaleon is adorable!

These are my colors!
Some Xmas stuff….

And what about this acid green mixed with pastel orange sherbet?

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