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I knew I had to knit Svalbard as soon as I saw pattern and the color migration #2 Rosette Nebula by CY screamed to be turned into it. So I did it!


The pattern is by Bristol Ivy for Brooklyn Tweed Wool People vol. 6. The construction of the cardigan is very clever and once you understand how the increases and the cartridge rib work, it’s fairly intuitive as well. The instructions thought gave me a headache every time I read them – you have to pay a lot of attention otherwise you risk to have to go back and knit the same bit again and again, as I did a couple of times. Also there are few errors in the text: the set up row for the size I followed (45 3/4″) is wrong, just knit the cartridge pattern as established and everything will be fine. The number of stitches to pick up at the underarm was also wrong, but it has been already revised and updated by BT.


I love how the increases form a heart at the center back neck and at the underarms. I very lovely detail! At the beginning I wanted to knit long sleeves but once I tried the cardigan on I decided to follow the pattern and go for 3/4 length and I’m very happy to have done so. The open front and the longer back are balanced by the sleeves and I think making them longer would have change the look of the cardigan too much.


I’ve used 4.7 skeins of Traveller. The last skein was from another dye lot and a bit bluer and darker than the other four, but I don’t mind the difference in color as they state the origin of hand dyed yarns, which I love.


And finally I’ve been able to use my new label-button! What do you think? All I can think it’s Oh yeah!


Lastly, let me impress you with a very “diva with sunnies” pic so you can have a look at the colors in plain daylight. They are truly gorgeous.


Update: Brooklyn Tweed has revised again the pattern and now the instructions should be error- free!

11 thoughts on “Svalbard

  1. Oooo I like, like , like:) love the colours and pattern so much- I might have to graduate from my sock knitting and give knitting a cardigan a go! Interested to know how long it took you to knit? Thank u for sharing. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been busy on next:)

    1. I say do it! Knit a cardigan! :) it does take longer than a pair of socks, but trust me, all that time is well worth it! I think it took me two-three weeks of knitting, but lately I’m a bit lazy and I knit just few rows per day ;)

  2. Love love love it!! I really love your labeled button detail and you want me to order some traveller yarn very soon! ( I can’t, I know and I have stalked the CY site each time I read your blog on successful sweater finish. Xoxo, Giusy

    1. Hi Giusy! Traveller and all the others CY yarns are awesome, I highly recommend everybody to try them! I did and now I knit nearly exclusively with CY…addiction, one of the many ahaha! Can’t wait to see your blank canvas finished! xx

  3. I also bought the pattern, but I think I’ll do it with the original yarn; for Christmas I decided to invest some money on a gift for me, so I bought some yarn from BT, hoping that the customs (la dogana) that here in Italy nobody understands how it works, it was not particurly greedy.
    In fact I paied an understimated compared to the accounts that I done…only Jesus knows something about our bureaucracy….
    If you’d like to have a sample, I’ll send you very willingly, but perhaps is not the kind of yarn that you may like: I like very much tweed, the one from Britain too, such as Jameson of Scotland. However do not let problems: I also hide myself in tha pack!!!
    The cardigan is beautifull; the only thing I noticed is that all the designers use tubular cast on or cast off: I prefer to use it, because the work results more professional, and the rib keeps well with the passage of the time…probably this working way is typical of the italian knitting way, and in some case it is not possible use the tubular cast on/off (maybe in Svalbard).
    Ciao!!! Today is raining….the most rainy January since 1996! Paola

    1. Jeez, the Italian costum drives me nuts, that’s why when I was home I never bought anything from the US. But here in Australia I’ve never had to pay a cent for the parcels arriving from US so I can buy as much yarn as I want! I’d love to try BT, so please send over a sample along with a postcard to attach to my fridge! :)
      Svalbard is a pretty full on cardigan, let’s say you need to do some yoga before knitting in order to free your mind from every distraction! But it is certainly a beautiful cardigan…I’m going to knit it again anytime soon though.
      I used to use tubular cast on all the time, but in the last few years I abandoned the technique, I don’t really know why, but I guess because my regular cast on and offs last as long as the tubular ones. I think it’s all about finding the right tension.
      I’m happy it’s raining, it means I don’t miss the snow!;)

      1. Lucky you and God bless Australia and its custom service….
        Send me your address on my email account: paola.tarbini(at), so I’ll send to you as soon as possible; if you have others yarn you’d like to test, tell me; now I’m working Chickadee from Quince and Co, and Azapa Botany Lace For the KAL of Ysolda Teague: in short, think about the yarn you have in mind, make a list; if I have them I’ll send you (and I have several, in fact…).

        Probably it will snow on february….

        Ciao!! Paola

    1. Hi Judy! I remember to have had problems in getting the increases right too, but I didn’t use any particular trick. I just followed the instructions and tried over and over until I got it right. If it helps, I use to keep track of the rows I knit so I know exactly where I’m in the pattern. Good luck ;)

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