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Grettir il Terzo

Grettir the third. Oh yeah!

Sunset behind me...and the neighbor watering her plants O_o
Sunset behind me…and the neighbor watering her plants O_o

I know, I know, I’m boring. It’s already the third Grettir I show you in less than 10 months, but hey, it’s a gorgeous pattern and with all the different color combinations you can use, it’s always a joy to knit.

I kind of like this shot!
I kind of like this shot!


Back side...
Back side…

This time I’ve done it for my younger nephew Pietro who asked for one immediately after seeing the one I gifted to my sister last Xmas. He chose the main color himself and I think it’s very appropriate for him – Brooklyn Bridge (if you were wondering which yarn I used, it’s of course Traveller by CY!) is a lovely mix of dusty blues and grays. It’s a variegated yarn but the colors blend into each other nicely and the variegation isn’t too sharp, perfect for a colorwork sweater. For the yoke I used Bare Traveller as lightest color and Casco Bay for the darkest one. I decided to use Lookingglass for the medium color even if I had just few grams left from other projects and in fact I run out halfway through the yoke. I tried to find some more, but no one was able to help me – Lookingglass is a discontinued colorway – so I came up with a solution that wouldn’t have meant frogging my work and eliminate Lookingglass from the color scheme either. I’ve incorporated to the design a fourth color: Petrified Forest, a warm gray that goes pretty well with all the others colors and picks up the gray side of Brooklyn Bridge. I was worried I wouldn’t like the result, but once I looked at the finished jumper, I breathed a sigh of relief: it’s perfect!

I really like Brooklyn Bridge...
I really like Brooklyn Bridge…


You can see here the extra color I needed to add...
You can see here the extra color I needed to add…

But the drama didn’t end there. When my nephew decided on the colors, CY was very low on the Traveller stock and decided to take it off the site for a while. But the squidlets are so awesome that they dyed for me a three skein batch using some “emergency” skeins put aside just in case. Mine it was totally an emergency as I really wanted to finish this Grettir in time for Pietro’s birthday. Once I got the yarn I started with the body and then I provisionally casted on the sleeves so I could knit the yoke. By then Traveller was back in stock and I bought the fourth skein I needed to finish the sleeves. Of course something had to go wrong. My skein should have been here in Australia by the beginning of February but some idiot decided to send back to US the yarn and I had to wait until mid march to put my hands on it. Pietro’s birthday is long gone now and back in Italy spring is already in the air….I hope he’s gonna love this sweater anyway….I’m so glad I finally finished this Grettir! And do you know what? My other nephew asked for one too so there will be soon a fourth one!

My button! :)
My button! :)


The wrong side! Loving it!
The wrong side! Loving it!

6 thoughts on “Grettir il Terzo

  1. Quasi quasi te ne ordino uno anche io, visto che ti piace così tanto lavorare questo modello, non vorrei mai che restassi senza lavoro! Il modello hai ragione, è davvero bello, ed anche il filato si presta. Anche io ora ho tre matasse di CY, un colore che gioca sui verdi, Nebraska Forest, mi sembra. Molto bella, dovrò cercare un modello che la valorizzi. Mi piace anche vedere le tue foto per “sbirciare” il paesaggio intorno, il contesto nel quale vivi….non credo che avrò mai occasione di viaggiare sin lì.
    Ciao!!!! Paola

  2. Ciao Paola! Allora ti ho proprio convinto a comprare un po’ di filati della CY eh?! :)
    Visto che ti piace sbirciare….cercherò di fare un po’ di foto anche al paesaggio così viaggi senza muoverti di casa! :))

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