PR Sweet Shorts


Hello everybody! As from today, I’m back from my Italian holidays but here there a few more photos taken in my hometown. And please forgive me for all the wrinkles in my Sweet Shorts with Scalloped Hem!


I’ve bought this pattern months and months ago and also printed it straight away after the purchase, but I’ve never got to sew this shorts up. I think I was a bit scared about sewing a pair of pants – ok, shorts, but same kind of thing right? – due to the fact that I find hard to fit the bottoms as I’d like to. I’m basically talking about fitted skirts, as they never fit as I’d wish, no matter what I do. The fault is of course mine, who I don’t know how to properly alter patterns to fit my bum. Anyhow, back to these sweet shorts!

Comparing my measurements (70cm waist and 92cm hips if that matters) with the chart in the instructions, I decided to cut a size S for the waist and grade down to an XS for the hips. I’ve used some cheap poly fabric I had left over from a Hollyburn I made a while ago so I consider this first pair a kind of a muslin.

I found the instructions a bit tricky to understand, but nothing really to be worried about. In the introduction is mentioned the fact that “Pattern Runway uses industrial sewing methods where appropriate to assist you in constructing a professional product, please note that some instructions will differ to traditional home sewing methods”. I’ve followed them to the letter and I’m extremely happy with the look of my seams and shorts in general. I might have put extra care in sewing them, but PR did a pretty good job with all the details too. Look at this lovely pocket!

What surprised me tho is that the seam allowances are only 1cm wide. It’s the first time I come across something like this for sewing woven garments and I’ve to say I prefer bigger seam allowances which give you a bit more wiggle room in case you need to make small adjustments. Luckily it’s not my case as I had to take some seams in instead.

Once I put the zipper in, I tried the shorts on and as they weren’t sitting at my waist properly, I decided to rip the waistband at the centre front and back seams and take in about 2.5cm from each front and back to get the fit I wanted. Therefore I had to cut open the waistband at the centre front and back and add a seam there. I didn’t want to take any amount in at the side seams because it would have compromised the position and functionality of the pockets. I’m happier with the fit now and I don’t mind the centre seams at the waistband either. Really, who knows how it should have been?


For the hem, I’ve overlocked the edges, turned under the facings and top stitched in place, with a double row of stitches set a couple of cm apart. I really like the scalloped hem and I’ve already planned another pair of these shorts in some plain chino drill.


And look, another new pair of shoes. They are the Maguba Rio clogs by Lotta from Stockholm – and before you wonder, they are super comfy!


During my holidays I haven’t sewn and knit much, but I’m ready to start the Alder Shirtdress by Grainline Studio – I love the lines of this pattern and I can’t wait to cut into my fabric(s)! Are you joining the sewalong too?

9 thoughts on “PR Sweet Shorts

  1. I love the scalloped hem. I’m about to embark on my first pair of trousers – they are for my daughter who has trouble getting trousers to fit her. I have made shorts before – with fly front, slant pockets, etc. so trousers are just a longer version of that aren’t they?? *she wonders hopefully*
    I fancy the Alder Shirtdress but the buttons put me off a bit – even though I have the wherewithal on my sewing machine – just lazy I guess. I’ll look forward to seeing yours.

    1. Which pattern are you using for your daughter’s trousers? I’m dieing to sew a proper pair of trousers too!
      I don’t love buttonholes either, and I can’t stand sewing buttons, so I was wondering how a long zipper would look on the Alder? O_o

      1. I’m going to use Sewaholic’s Thurlow pattern which I chose because the trousers are apparently easy to adjust at the back and my daughter has a small waist compared to butt & thighs. Also, Lauren over at Lladybird seems very keen on this pattern and has made several pairs. The pattern includes a cute pair of shorts too. The shorts I made for myself are New Look 6873 and I quite fancy the trousers but they wouldn’t be right for my daughter’s shape – they are a little ‘Great Gatsby’ in style. (shorts are here
        I think you could get away with a zip on the Alder due to the gathering not going all the way round to the front – much easier to get on and off too!

  2. Shorts look great! Just checked out Lottas clogs:) I’ve been a fan of clogs since the 70’s and am so tempted by a couple of the designs on her site. Thanx for making me aware of her shop-I think! Lol!

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