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The Never Grow Up Grettir


Yes, what you’re seeing is another Grettir pullover. The fifth one, to be exact (one, two, three and four!) and just to let you know, I’ve already purchased the yarn for a sixth one!


This one is for my friend Martina, who saw my Grettir, the first I made, and wanted one for herself in the same colors. Lucky her, as I had another SQ of this gorgeous CY Traveller in Second Star on the Right in my stash. It seriously is one of my favorite colors ever. It reminds me of blood oranges which at home, in Italy, they are in season around November and Xmas time, so in my mind Second Star on the Right is the perfect color for winter garments.


I’ve not much left to say about this pattern, but for this version I’ve followed the instructions for a size 44″ and no significant modifications were done. The only thing I did differently – and which I always perform on my bottom up sweaters for me it’s easier this way – was to provisionally cast on the sleeves, knit the yoke and then pick the sleeve stitches up again and knit them top down. Doing that I can both check if I’ve enough yarn – and adjust the sleeves accordingly – and also the sleeves length, trying the pullover on.


The other colors I’ve used in this Grettir are: Jamaica Plain – the rich velvety burgundy, Bamfield – the ballet slip pink of the colorwork background, and an Oddity purchased from a destash on Ravelry – the sweet orangey pink. They really work beautifully together and I’m very happy with the warm look of this pullover, as I’ve said above, very autumnal. I hope Martina is gonna like it too!


As you can see from the photo below, I’ve tried to keep my stranding relaxed and neat, avoiding any sort of pulling and tightness. This pattern is great as it comes with very helpful notes about casting on, working short rows and also on how to hold the yarns during the colorwork, when you’ve to use two or sometimes three different colors in the same row. The rule is holding the dominant color with the left hand – basically the motif color – and the background colors in the right one. This way the dominant color strands, on the wrong side of the garment, have to travel under the background ones, resulting in longer strands and therefore the dominant color, on the right side, pops up and shows better. It sounds something without much importance, but instead it makes a huge difference in the look of the colorwork.


Now I’m off to finish the project I’m working on at the moment – it’s the first 2014 Handmade Xmas Present and I’m excited about it because it’s a bit different from what I’ve been knitting in last few months, both yarn-wise as well as shape-wise.
What are you working on instead? Did you already start on your Xmas projects?


7 thoughts on “The Never Grow Up Grettir

  1. A stunning jumper – what a lucky friend you have. If I ever get round to doing any multi-strand work I will never be able to part with it. Great tips about making the back so neat.
    I’ve 3 projects on the go at the moment – 5 if you count a hibernating Andi Satterlund cardigan that gave me some trouble with the cabling and a pair of socks that I’ve sort of forgotten about during the hot weather. I don’t like being in that situation but I’m knitting a jacket which is coming together really quickly – it’s on 10mm needles and the yarn is almost like knitting with rope! – so that should be finished soon and then I can tackle the rest.
    Christmas projects are only just forming in the back of my brain at the moment and may, or may not, come to fruition depending on whether I get my act together in time or not.

    1. Oh oh 10 mm needles project! I wish I was living in a colder climate to have the opportunity to knit something so squishy and soft! I really envy you right now.
      I don’t like to have too many wips either and I try casting on just one project at time and so far is working. My rule is “do not cast on a new project until you finish the one on the needles!”.
      Ysolda has just launched her new knit collection, called Knitworthy, all about cute things perfect for creating presents for the love ones, I think I’m on that line – I knit just for who I know is gonna love my stuff! It keeps me going.

    1. Thank you Sally! This pattern is very versatile and it basically fits everybody, that why I keep knitting it. I think I’m close to the goal of giving a Grettir to every and each member of my family and closest friends….I’m nearly there! :)

  2. Carly, è bellissimo anche in questi colori! Anche io sto per fare un modello a più colori, il Sundottir di Brooklyn Tweed. Speriamo bene! Ciao, a presto! Paola

  3. Ciao Paola! Sono sicura che il tuo Sundottir verrà benissimo – è un modello molto carino e vedrai che lavorare con più di un colore ti piacerà e darà molta soddisfazione! xox

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