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Here we go again with yet another Traveller project!
I knew I had to make this hat as soon as I saw it on Ravelry. It’s one of the latest patterns by Rililie and it’s incredibly cute, therefore I was obliged to knit it up ASAP.

It has been windy here, all right? :)))

This first version – if you’re wondering, another one is already on the needles! – is my second 2014 Handmade Xmas Present and if you have read my blog before, you may notice that it matches another make of mine. No more spoilers, enough said!
VulcanSpy is a great pattern and has everything I look for in a hat: a good stretchy band, a nice close fit, lovely stitch motif and of course a pompom! Seriously, how can you resist a pattern with a pompom? I can’t.


As I said I’ve used a DK yarn and I’m happy for that as otherwise I would have to use way smaller needles (the pattern calls for DK yarn too, but thinner, which I’d call Sport and not DK). I’m a fairly loose knitter but with Traveller I got straight away the right gauge. Mind you, with “the right gauge” I mean I’ve casted on the stitches for the smallest size, knitted the band and tried it on. It fit so I kept going and I assume I got the right gauge. It this called cheating? :)


The last time I’ve done a tubular cast on was ages, maybe years, ago, but everything went well pretty much at the first try even if using 2.5mm needles and a thicker yarn didn’t help a lot! Anyhow, I’m very happy with the look and stretch of the band, it really fits properly without sliding down, which is great. Also those kind of short rows ear-flaps are awesome: ears will finally fell cozy!


The stitch pattern all over the body of the hat is very stretchy too, so VulcanSpy fits snugly and warmly on your head, being perfect for those chilly snowy winters (ok, I miss winters a LOT!). To be honest, I couldn’t get the hang of the two twisted stitches to the left (T2L), so I’ve done a 1/1 cable twist instead. I knitted them much more faster and easier as cabling and funnily enough and I didn’t have any trouble doing the T2R. I read on Ravelry that other people had this problem, so I’m not that stupid after all! :)


I think this pattern would be great for men too just removing one of the C2 stripes and making the hat of normal length, and maybe without the pompom – do men like pompoms? I don’t know. A couple of words about the pompom: I’m so much in love with Traveller that I was worried about using it in the pompom, kind of I didn’t want to waste it in making a pompom which I didn’t know if it would turn out ok. Even if it actually turned out all right, do you guys know where to buy nice faux fur ready made pompom? I tried to find them online, but no luck. Any ideas?


Live long and prosper! :)


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