Papercut Ooh La Leggings!


It looks like January is all about Papercut Patterns here at CarlyInStitches! Today it’s the turn of the Ooh La Leggings, a pair of ‘fuseaux’ with front and back seam details, in three lengths variations – long, 3/4 and just below the knee. The pattern suggests the use of high stretch knit fabrics with a good return, but obviously I couldn’t find any I liked here where I live, so I’ve opted for some soft and not-that-stretchy Ponte de Roma in a dark gray. I thought I could wear this warmer long pair of leggings during our trip in Tasmania and in the meantime look for more appropriate materials for future pairs. I like Ponte Knits though, because of their heavier weight and dense structure, which helps smoothing those ugly panty lines and also provide some sort of modesty (if we can talk about modesty for a pair of leggings!).


For this first version I’ve cut a size XS, even if my waist measurement falls is in between S and XS and my hips in between XS and XXS instead. I’m pretty happy with the fit and I think the comfort will improve when I’ll sew them up in the recommended sort of fabric. This pair is far from being uncomfortable, don’t get me wrong, but they are not certainly made for jogging.


The pattern went together really easily and as usual I was intimidated by it being a knit project, with curved seams nonetheless, for no reason. All my worries vanished once I started sewing – instructions are clear and I had no problems stitching these leggings together. The only mod I’ve done is inserting the elastic following Gertie’s knit skirt instructions (from her latest book) which have you to stitch together the elastic ends, divide the elastic in quarters marking them with pins, then sewing the elastic to the waist edge on the wrong side, turn it down towards the inside and secure it in place. To do so I’ve top stitched it using a narrow zig zag stitch. This is a very quick and easy alternative to threading the elastic into a channel, which is what you are instructed to do for the Ooh La Leggings.

I really like all the topstitching involved – it accentuate the curved seams, making them even more visible. I omitted the pin-tucks along the front leg seams thought, as I was worried they would pop on this Ponte, but my next pair will surely have them, they’re so stylish! I think a good alternative would be topstitching the seams all the way to the bottom leg – I think it would help the seams laying flat and it would look cool too.

I’ve constructed all the leggings on my regular sewing machine, but then I’ve overlocked the edges as I prefer a neat inside for the garments I make.

And to set these gray leggings off, I’ve sewn a magenta (I’ve told you I like this color combo!) t-shirt to go with them. The pattern I’ve used is the Grainline Scout Tee, with added length to body and sleeves. I don’t love to show my ass around in super tight clothes so I thought a longer tee was needed. I’ve also added a hem band to the sleeves, just because. The fabric is a super stretchy cotton Lycra. So stretchy in fact, I think this tee grew already quite a lot vertically. We’ll see what happens in a couple of wearing sessions!

I love the Ooh La Leggings – they are easy to make, they require very little fabric and notions and the sewing is still quite interesting with those curved seam details and topstitching. Plus, they have a very high waist, which I love, love, love!
Now let’s go and find some cute fabrics to make more!


6 thoughts on “Papercut Ooh La Leggings!

  1. Con questo ti sei superata! Non ho parole! Superlativa! Mi da l’idea che siano complicatissimi, e sono venuti perfetti! A qualsiasi manufatto tu metta mano, lo realizzi splendidamente! Tra l’altro, non sono i soliti leggins, hanno un taglio molto particolare. Brava! Paola

    1. Grazie Paola! Anche io pensavo che questo modello fosse difficile, invece si tratta di pochissimi pezzi da cucire insieme e il tutto si completa in un paio d’ore, ci credi? Qui non riesco a trovare Leggings decenti, ossia sono tutti trasparenti e di bassa qualità, sicché ho deciso di provvedere e farmene un paio da sola. Spero solo di trovare qualche tessuto un po’ più elastico così li posso usare anche per andare a correre. Baci baci

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