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Vulcan Spy / Take #4


Happy Sunday peeps! This morning is pretty fresh outside and being Autumn just one day away, I’m getting ready for the upcoming cold weather. I really can’t wait for winter to be here and to be honest, I’m enjoying knitting stuff I’ll actually get to wear. All the things I’ve made in the last few years have always been set aside because where I wa living it was too warm, so I’m happy to finally put on all the wool garments I knitted. Anyhow, this is another project I’ve completed while traveling from Australia. I needed something small and easy to carry with me and a beanie fit the bill perfectly.


The pattern I’ve used is yet again Vulcan Spy by La Maison Rililie, this is the fourth one I make. You can see number one, two and three here. I love this pattern from every point of view. It has a good amount of give because of the twisted stitches and it stretches over your head without loosing its shape, which is something I always look for when knitting hats. Also, even if it’s a small project, it’s full of interesting details, such as the short rows to shape the little ear flaps. The striped twisted stitches motif itself is fun too.


On top of that, I find this pattern perfect for using up all those leftovers always hanging around in my stash. I never throw them away and they keep accumulating with every new pullover I make, so it’s good the clear some up without wasting them.


For this Vulcan Spy, I’ve used the remnants from my Dessine Moi un Mouton, another pattern by La Maison Rililie, and my Vianne Cardigan by Andi Satterlund. Needless to say, the yarn is CY Traveller, the light fluoro orange is called The Nexus, the pink Tibet and the variegated Late Night Diner. I’m very happy with this combination of colors and I can’t wait to wear the beanie with the pink coat I want to sew.


I’ve followed the instructions for the smallest size, my gauge being always looser than the ones recommended, but managed to use the suggested size needles, 2.5 – 3 and 3.5 mm. I’m not 100% happy with the pompom, to be honest I should have made it a bit fuller, but for the moment it stays. I’ll see how it wears.


I didn’t received the boxes with my stash I sent from Australia yet, so at the moment I’m not knitting neither sewing, but I’ve plenty of ideas and my projects queue is getting longer and longer. Have you seen how beautiful is Rililie’s latest design, DrawingStraws? I love how she plays with stripes and different stitches and I’m already plotting color combinations to make one. I guess I could write a post about the winter wardrobe I’m planning to put together, there are tens of knit pullovers and lots of jackets, sweaters and pants to sew, it’s almost scary! Suggestions on how to make days last longer?!


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